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Restorative Justice Principles Implementation

Restorative Justice: A Framework for Fresno.

Last revision February 2001. This document is being circulated among government, non-profit and business leaders for their endorsement. Please address your comments to Ron Claassen.

Restorative Justice Framework Endorsement

Organizations which have decided to adopt the RJ Framework can use this form to give their endorsement. Please send us the completed form.

Restorative Justice Assessment Instrument

This PDF document will help you assess the extent to which restorative justice principles are at work in your organization.

Restorative Justice Framework Progress Report 2001

Papers by Ron Claassen:

Commencement address at Fresno Pacific University May 8, 2010

Restorative Justice Principles - Full version
Restorative Justice Principles - United Nations Version

See Nadeau, Jason. Critical analysis of the United Nations Declaration of Basic Principles on the Use of Restorative Justice Programs in Criminal Matters

Paper 1: What is Restorative Justice?
Paper 2: What is Forgiveness?
Paper 3: The Myth of "Redemptive Violence"
Paper 4: The J Scale
Paper 5: Accountability and Restorative Justice

A Peacemaking Model

Developed through victim offender reconciliation work, Ron shows how the Peacemaking Model can guide efforts at reconciliation.

VORP Newsletters

Four years of monthly newsletters with case reports and articles expanding on the practice of restorative justice (searchable).

"Creating space for dialogue part 1" Conciliation Quarterly spring 1990.

Part 1 describes a private mediation between two mothers whose sons had been killed by police and the Fresno, CA police Department.

"Creating space for dialogue part 2" Conciliation Quarterly summer 1990.

Part 2 describes the public portion of the dialogue between members of Fresno's Hispanic community and city officials.

"How We Respond Will Reveal Who We Are"

Responding to the September 11, 2001 attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. September 15, 2001 Fresno Bee article by Ron Claassen.

Introduction to Discipline that Restores

Ron describes his application of restorative justice principles to school discipline. Discipline that Restores has its own web site.

Israel Trip Report

Ron was invited to be one of two guest speakers for the First Restorative Justice Conference in Israel on May 1 and 2, 2002. This is a report of his trip and the conference.

Thailand Trip Report

Ron was a member of Angkana Boonsit's doctoral dissertation committee, traveling to Thailand for her defense. This is a report of that trip with photos. The trip included visits with the Directors General of the Department of Corrections and Department of Probation. He was also lecturer at the Grand Seminar. Report with photos attached (1.4 MB).

Ron and Roxanne Claassen Philippines trip report 2011

"Two Useful Models for Implementing Restorative Justice"

ACResolution v.3, n.4, Summer 2004.

"Restorative Discipline" by Ron Claassen and Zenebe Abebe

ACResolution magazine. Uploaded January 9, 2008.

Papers by Dalton Reimer.

India workshop report

March 1-2, 2004 - Dalton Reimer offered a workshop on Peacemaking and Conflict Resolution on the campus of the Mennonite Brethren (MB) Centenary Bible College in Shamshabad near Hyderabad, India as the inaugural event of a new Center for Peace Studies established by the M.B. Church of India.

Devotionals presented to the 4th Annual Restorative Justice Conference, October 25-26, 1996.

Versions of articles published in the Christian Leader

Papers by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower:

Complete list of publications by Duane Ruth-Heffelbower, too numerous to list here.

Papers by Judge FWM (Fred) McElrea, Auckland District Court, New Zealand

"The New Zealand experience of restorative justice legislation"

a paper presented at 11th Annual Restorative Justice Conference, Fresno Pacific University, California, 23-24 September 2005 and at 5th Annual Conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 30 September 2005

Restorative justice as a procedural revolution: some lessons from the adversary system

A contribution to the first plenary session of the Fourth International Winchester Restorative Justice Conference 10 October 2007 by FWM (Fred) McElrea

Other Documents

Roxanne Claassen article "New Approaches to Classroom Discipline"

ACResolution v.3, n.4, Summer 2004.

Discipline That Restores

Conciliation Quarterly article by Roxanne Claassen.

Thinking Theologically about Church and State

Paper presented by Lois Barrett to the 4th Annual Restorative Justice Conference October 25, 1996.

Proceedings of the 4th Annual Restorative Justice Conference October 25-26, 1996.

The Maluleke Case from South Africa's High Court Transvaal Division

Judge FWM (Fred) McElrea, Auckland District Court, New Zealand discovered this case in preparation for a trip to South Africa. He says, ". . . a relatively rare judicial expression of the principles and value of restorative justice at a superior court level. It is readable and not lengthy. I commend it to you."

Understanding Pukhtoon Jirga by Hassan M Yousufzai & Ali Gohar.

This fascinating small book is available here as a free download. Gohar is a graduate of Eastern Mennonite University's Conflict Transformation Program who is working in Peshawar, Pakistan. The Jirga is that area's traditional conflict resolution method.

Last modified June 16, 2015.