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Training in Bandungan, Java, December 17-19, 1999

Mt. Merapi - jpg - 24770 Bytes

If you live in Yogyakarta you drive around Mt. Merapi to get anywhere. This time we are passing it on the west side headed to Bandungan, a mountain resort area near the north coast. Forum Salatiga wanted to offer Kursus Resolusi Konflik Bagi Generasi Muda (A Course in Conflict Resolution for the Younger Generation) and asked the Pusat Studi dan Pengembangan Perdamaian to provide a training in cooperative non-violent action for university and high school student activists from the city of Solo, which has had many serious riots in the last few years. Leaders from student groups attended. The represented groups were 1. Gerakan Mahasiswa Kristen Indonesia Cabang Solo (Indonesian Christian Student Movement) Branch Solo - GMKI Cabang Solo; 2. Pergerakan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia (Indonesian Islamic Student Movement) Branch Solo - PMII Cab. Solo; 3. Persekutuan Mahasiswa Katholik Republik Indonesia (Fellowship of Catholic University Students) Cab. Solo - PMKRI cab Solo; 4. Majelis Agama Konghucu Indonesia Surakarta (Committee of Confucians); 5. Pondok Pesantren Al-Muayyad (Koranic Studies Boarding School) Cab. Windan, Solo; 6. Pondok Pesantren Al-Mukmin (Koranic Studies Boarding School) Solo; 7. ALIF Women's Study Club, Salatiga (salah satu organisasi perempuan dibawah Nadhatul Ulama/NU); 8. Kantor Advokasi Hukum "ATMA" Solo (Advokasi & Transformasi untuk MAsyarakat) (Office of Legal Advocacy)

Training team Duane Ruth-Heffelbower, Damai Teguh, Henry Hamonangan Sitohang - jpg - 23914 Bytes Assisting Duane Ruth-Heffelbower in the training were co-trainer Henry Hamonanga Sitohang, a member of the staff of Pusat Studi dan Pengambangan Perdamaian, and Damai Teguh, one of Duane's language tutors, who served as interpreter.

More photos of the training:

Kelompok yang terlatih (Group trained) - jpg - 82545 Bytes
Duane dan Damai melihat Henry bekerja (Duane and Damai watch Henry work) - jpg - 22020 BytesKelompok proses (Process group) - jpg - 24672 BytesKelompok membuat rencana (process group creating a plan) - jpg - 22076 BytesDiskusikan untuk permainan peran (role play discussion) - jpg - 26181 BytesPermainan peran (role play) - jpg - 18575 BytesPermainan peran (role play) - jpg - 24903 BytesPermainan peran (role play) - jpg - 25237 BytesPermainan peran (role play) - jpg - 18965 BytesMelaporkan dari kelompok (report from a group) - jpg - 18701 Bytes

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