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Training in Salatiga, Java, November 19-20, 1999

Mt. Merabu view.jpg - 50874 Bytes
The Christian Reformed World Relief Committee Indonesia and Philippines national staff and partners had an annual training retreat in Salatiga, Java. Salatiga is a 1 1/2 hour drive around volcanoes Mt. Merapi and Mt. Merbabu from Yogyakarta. The photo is from Salatiga looking back toward Yogyakarta. They asked for training in cross-cultural conflict management and peacemaking similar to what had been developed through the PACS refugee conflict management project just concluded. The training manual from that project, Conflict and Peacemaking Across Cultures: Training for Trainers, was published in August 1999. The training handouts and lecture scripts from that manual were translated into Bahasa Indonesia and used in this first training offered in Indonesia. The Indonesian title is "Konflik dan Menciptakan Perdamaian Lintas Budaya." The materials and training were very well received.
Salatiga training team Damai Teguh, Duane Ruth-Heffelbower and Henry Sitohang. jpeg - 37327 Bytes Assisting Duane Ruth-Heffelbower in the training were co-trainer Henry Hamonanga Sitohang, a member of the staff of Pusat Studi dan Pengambangan Perdamaian, and Damai Teguh, one of Duane's language tutors, who served as interpreter.

More photos of the training:

Group trained at Salatiga. jpeg - 66157 BytesDuane telling a children's story about cross-cultural differences. jpeg - 30036 BytesView of the training room at Wisma Ritrit Baptis. jpeg - 54038 BytesMediation role play. jpeg - 60668 BytesThe high elevation made it comfortable outside. jpeg - 61868 BytesNext door to the retreat center. jpeg - 55189 BytesMediation role play. jpeg - 66957 BytesHenry Sitohang in action. jpeg - 46657 BytesDuane and Damai trying to interpret a question. jpeg - 36195 Bytes

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